It's hard to believe that five years ago, it was just the two of us... awaiting our little pumpkin.

We had no idea what to expect, but I have to say it's been an incredible journey.

As of October 19th, we have a spunky, opinionated, intelligent five-year-old. I'm not sure where the time went, but the transformation has been extraordinary.  We are so lucky to get to spend our days with this sweet girl and see the world through her eyes.

Since her actual birthday was on a Thursday, she celebrated by going to school where they hosted a special birthday celebration.  The birthday child holds a globe and walks around the sun the number of years they've orbited (FIVE!) while the class sings a really sweet song.  Now that I'm working in our community again, it was nice to be able to leave work to attend the celebration without significantly disrupting my schedule.  This new found work-life balance is lovely and Kate really appreciated having her momma at her school.

After school it was dance class and then Applebee's ("the apple store"), just the three of us.  This was her first restaurant birthday experience and she was pleased as punch to have the staff bring her ice cream and sing to her.  They had balloons up that day; Kate was convinced they were for her birthday (we didn't correct her because she was so happy that they decorated for her).

Over the next couple of days we hosted the grandparents to come celebrate as well.  Kate got pretty accustomed to the "party every day" schedule, so reacclimating to "normal" was a bit of a challenge.  Playing with some of her birthday gifts (e.g. interlocking beads, an amulet necklace, and rubber stamps) helped ease the transition.

Not surprisingly, she insisted on wearing heels to ride her new, birthday scooter (I think that trait is hereditary) and is so incredibly excited to be FIVE.


Favorite foods: pink chicken (steak), chocolate cake, cheese, macaroni + cheese, pepperoni pizza, cherry tomatoes, and "the big shiny red apples" (Macintosh apples from the local orchard)

Favorite color: "Ummm, momma I like all of them!"

Favorite animal: "DINOSAURS!"

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Loves: the library, school, dance class, and singing every chance she gets

Wants to be: a princess, "a married girl," a firefighter, and an airplane pilot

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