Halloween 2017.

One semi-decent family photo is equivalent to winning the lottery when including a little and an animal!

halloween 2017-2387.jpg

Our exceptionally timid, three-year-old Golden Retriever finally found her place in the world.  If you know her in real life you know that she is not quite a cat, not quite a dog, but she would make the perfect cowardly lion!

I did the little's hair in .35 seconds in my office at work before heading out to join the Halloween festivities.  I'd intended to use ribbons and a more appropriate rolled pigtails technique, but I am a full-time professional with obligations that just didn't allow for a "picture perfect" hair-do.  I'm channeling my inner Elsa and letting it go because Kate didn't care one bit.

This house had tons of festive inflatables and isn't far from where we live.  We've driven past it for weeks and been fascinated by their dragon.  It has wings that move and a firey tummy, so we took advantage of trick-or-treating to ask the owner if we could snag a quick photo op.

halloween 2017-2460.jpg

Success!  It may have been 34-degrees, but that didn't stop us!  You may detect how cold we were based on some of our photos, but we didn't give in to jackets (read: too much costume coverage).  We did decide to use the car for transportation though... ahhhh heat

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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