A Fresh Start


After completing my Master's degree, I started reflecting on what I would do with my newly found "spare time."  Eight months before graduation I had left my leadership position with the hope of obtaining increased work-life balance, which I found; however, the "life" part of the balance equation was still occupied by academia.

Now, I have the freedom to redefine that piece of my existence.  During my reflection, I have come to realize that I enjoy having a creative outlet through which to create beauty out of everyday moments.  With that in mind, I see myself spending more time with photography, cooking, yoga, and this blog.  

After careful evaluation, I decided to migrate some of my favorite content to a new space.  In this season of my life, I recognize that I really need a clean slate full of blank spaces and the promise of new adventures.

So cheers to a fresh start!

**Posts preceding this one are archived content.

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