Unrealized Dream

At the age of 24, I accepted the challenge of being a Nursing Home Administrator, which made me responsible for millions of dollars, 74-fragile lives, and the futures of the staff in my service line.  I later went on to provide regulatory support to a multi-state healthcare organization before establishing myself as a Compliance Officer for the rural health system where our daughter was born.

Many people have looked at my life and said things like, "You've accomplished so much," "You must be very proud," and my favorite: "You're how old? I have children older than you."  And I am: accomplished, proud, and young.  But these achievements are also somewhat hollow as I have yet to attain that which I desire more than anything else professionally: a law degree.  And yet, saying that out loud elicits almost a physical pain response because I am terrified that I will fall short of this dream.

Chasing a dream can be a daunting task; admitting you have one is the first step.


Few people know that I was registered to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) when I found out I was pregnant.  My scheduled test date was a week before my due date so I knew I'd either be incredibly pregnant or staggeringly sleep-deprived and so I postponed this ambition.

Fast forward a few years and I finished my Master's degree while working full-time with a husband and a small child at home.  Fast forward another few years to a single line e-mail from the attorney I work most closely with written solely in caps lock: "YOU NEED TO GO TO LAW SCHOOL" in response to a regulatory analysis I sent her.  Then the present day, telling my current boss that I wanted to go to law school and his first response being, "You'd be a good lawyer." All of these things have slowly made this dream once again more tangible.

For now, I'm studying for the LSAT, taking practice tests, and helping my husband dust off his resume for his return to the workforce in three semesters.

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