Tiny Dancer

If you follow me on Instagram, you're well aware that Kate had her dance recital yesterday.  Our little has loved dance since the moment she was old enough to move independently and although her formal skills have evolved over time her passion has remained a constant.

Every year I look forward to her recital with great anticipation and a fair amount of anxiety.  My "dance mom skills" are also evolving, so getting her fine hair into a ballerina bun and her wriggly self into stage makeup can be somewhat nerve-wracking.  I simply repeat the same advice I give my daughter:

Practice makes perfect.

Kate Recital May 2018-2805.jpg

Thankfully, her hair stayed in this whole time and she did a good job on stage.  Her reward for another successful dance season?  Dinner at her favorite restaurant: hibachi ("fire dinner"), but not before we ruined her life taking 25-photos to get one decent shot of the three of us.

Kate Recital May 2018-2839.jpg

This year she completed tap, whereas last year she was in ballet.  Next year will be the first year she does both and she's pretty excited.  We can't wait to see what's in store for our tiny dancer!