Milestone | 07.22.2014

The mister and I are one of those couples that always celebrate our dating anniversary.  This year, number eight, we commemorated the occasion by doing a family photo shoot with the very talented Krystal Muellenberg.  With four littles of her own, she has a lot of experience photographing rambunctious children, which she's developed when not shooting astonishingly gorgeous weddings.

We met and shot at her farm on one of the hottest, most humid days of the summer--as evidenced by my hair.  Nevertheless, the wee was only mildly a handful and afterward, we sank exhausted into our car and headed home.  Wrangling a toddler for photos is far more exhausting than anything else I've ever done--aside from birthing the aforementioned toddler.

That being said, these images are so near and dear to my heart.  And with that, I'll basically let them speak for themselves.

Now that our tee pee story time area was set-up, wee Kate started to wear down a bit.  It was then time for me to reach into my mom bag of tricks to salvage the last part of our session.  Enter: string cheese!  (The photo on the left is one of my favorite "mom-moment" photos of myself, ever)

Kisses for white dog in "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" because it looks like her Nana's dog: Toby.

Kate pounded it and that was a wrap!  I can't think of a better way to have spent our anniversary than making these memories.

Photographer: Krystal Muellenberg of Krystal Muellenberg Photography

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