Death of a Nomad

This past May we bought our first home.  

Since the mister and I became an item, we have moved more times than we can count on one-hand. Buying a house was a big step in ending our semi-Nomadic existence and really gave us a sense of "home." I recently realized just how much moving affected our life when I found baby shower thank you's stamped, addressed and sealed in a box.  Some how they didn't make it to the mailbox and instead ended up packed and subsequently relocated with us--numerous times.  Since our little one is now three you can see how derelict in my thanking duties I've been... but I have a plan that I've almost completed and I'm crossing my fingers that no one else moved during this time frame.

Dance parties in our kitchen happen on the regular in our new abode.  Our current jam?  Death of a Bachelor.  (I also envision this track being the anthem of any James Bond marriage plot.)

Turn it up and thank us later.  Now, dance it out to salute the end of the weekend!

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