Our Love

Kathryn had decided to arrive a week early so she could meet my college roommates--Andrea while she was in from the east coast, but the date she chose did not coincide with our birth photographer's availability who had gone to Florida to shoot a wedding.   Now, I'm not one for the cute newborn photos... you know, the ones with babies cocooned in hand-knit angora slumbering peacefully while the photographer snaps away. They make my uterus hurt and compel me to snatch up all the babies and protect them from anything... everything (i.e. prevent them from actually LIVING). Please don't misunderstand me... I think they're ADORABLE... they're just not how I want to remember my babe. If we were going to have professional newborn pictures of Kate we wanted them to tell the story of her arrival, but since Kathryn had other plans in mind, we scrapped the teensy-tiny stage and opted to begin our professional photographs at Kathryn's four month milestone--February 2013.

Below you'll find some of the photographic talent of our wedding photographer as she captured our family of three and our daughter's growing personality!!