Our Wedding Rings

When my husband and I started talking about forever, we knew we wanted a unique piece to commemorate our love.  Armed with some inspiration from Chanel, Ben met with a local jeweler and had my engagement ring designed and made.  The jeweler took the time to question my soon-to-be fiancé about my style, preferences, and even the size of my hands!  The result?  A ring made with us in mind:

  • Pear-shaped center stone as the focal point because 1) we're cliche like that and like to think that "we're the perfect 'pear'" 2) it is a more obscure choice with a slightly vintage feel 3) because the first ring I ever really fell in love with was the Harry Winston in Legally Blonde
  • Thin, delicate band because I have very narrow fingers, which I attribute to 12 years as a harpist
  • Separation in the band, which speaks to the idea that one is incomplete without the other
wedding ring.jpg

Changing our wedding date from December to September eliminated the possibility of having our custom wedding bands completed in time; instead, I opted for a commercial piece to complement my ring and Ben selected a durable, titanium band {pictured above with mine}, which we vowed to replace with the custom piece.  Around our one year anniversary, I gifted my husband his band, which I'd had made in secret! He was so surprised.

In 2006, when we had first started dating, Ben and I took a vacation up north.  We were perusing the shops, when Ben said something about having forgotten the car keys.  He doubled back to a store we had just left and caught up with me at the fudge place.  That evening, just before dinner, he surprised me with the Claddagh ring we had been eying in the shop.  A short time later he began wearing one as well to complete the set.  My husband's band split while he was in an extremely dangerous house fire--even inside his firefighting gloves the temperature was so high that the ring broke.  So, for his piece we had our two rings melted together and made into a lovely band that features the Celtic knot design.

Ben's ring 2.jpg

Two are stronger than one, and now a piece of our past can come with us into the future.  It is interesting to me that our rings have changed over time much like our love.  It really is a quite fitting tribute.

Hers via Life & Style Photography // His via Yours Truly

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